• Provide short-term transitional housing
  • Offer support services
  • Create a uniquely tailored team of skilled Neighbors to mentor and assist
  • Work in partnership with school district
  • Help families connect to other helpful organizations and resources


EPNHN serves families with children who are home insecure through multi-faceted short term assistance and strategies in an effort to facilitate healthy independent living.  

Beginning in 2013, the participants in the Emmaues Ecumenical Ministerium agreed to rent an apartment in Emmaus to support one housing insecure family in our school district.

By offering a safe place to temporarily live and the intentional help of a team of skilled and compassionate neighbors, we can help our neighbors most in need to enter into new seasons of life and health.

Our Misson

“If it were not for the people who allowed us to get this home and helped maintain us while we got our feet together, I cannot tell you or imagine where we would be with our kids. I cannot tell you the joy in our hearts to tell our kids they were going to have a bed to sleep in. But we were not just helped with shelter. We were helped with food, clothing, adjusting to a new budget, and connecting to resources in the Lehigh Valley.

“This experience has made our family stronger. Now we are in our new home and sitting in our own furniture, which was in storage for almost three years. 

“While the homeless face enormous hardships every day, their situations are often made worse by being ignored. The first step to solving any social issue is acknowledging its existence.  Instead of turning our heads, why not try to find a solution.  I hope that many of you will help out, as you will be helping a family like mine.."



Pilot Program Participant

The Lives We Impact

Helping Families

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There are dozens of families with children in the East Penn School District who need our help.  We can make our local community stronger. We can be neighbors who help our neighbors.  

This pilot program led to the successful transitioning of multiple families from housing insecurity to sustainability. As the number of families in need grew, there was a desire to invite all individuals and businesses to partner in the good work of helping. 


In the good work of helping, a decision was made t transition the leadership of the EEM to a Board of Directors in 2014 to create a new non-religious charitable non-profit 501 (c)3 which was officially approved in 2015.