Anyone and everyone from our community could offer their time as a neighbor to those most in need.  The operations of the EPNHN will be managed by a contracted central case manager in cooperation with Intake, Fundraising, Public Relations, Property and Community Partnership committees.  If you are interested in participating in the life and work of any of these committees, please contact us!  

The compassionate work of EPNHN "in the field" depends on volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to provide basic services including (but not limited to) the transportation of family members, providing one-time/infrequent child-care, moving furniture to and from the EPNHN apartment/housing spaces, assisting a family with grocery shopping and meal planning, or assisting a family with searching for affordable housing.  If you are interested in volunteering to help by providing a basic service, please contact us!

Volunteers are also needed to provide professional services pro-bono or at a reduced rate, including (but not limited to) career counseling, budgeting, financial planning, debt reduction, addressing outstanding tax issues, securing affordable housing, relationship and family systems counseling, parenting and/or marriage skill development, medical and dental care, addressing mental health and addiction issues, nutrition and fitness help, and automotive sales and repair.  If you are interested in volunteering to help by providing a professional service, please contact us!

As the EPNHN network and its work grows, it is likely that any neighbor who wants to lend their time and skill can become a helpful neighbor!

All those who have questions about EPNHN or desire to become a registered Volunteer with the EPNHN should complete the web form below or email EPNHN1@gmail.com.  If volunteering, please include Name, Contact Information, Desired Area(s) of Service, Relevant Experience (in desired service areas) and Time Availability.  You will be contacted with confirmation of registration.  

The contact information of registered Volunteers will be kept in a confidential registry.  Because the work of the EPNHN operates on a case-by-case basis, and because the needs of families are unique and sometimes not immediately apparent, there may be seasons in which the help of every registered Volunteer is not required and solicited.